susyleto Apr 21, 2014

Kerli X Ultra Music!

Reblogged from Kerli Moon Babies, I'm beyond excited to finally share this: We have officially joined forces with Ultra Music♥!!! I can't wait to share all the new…
susyleto Nov 21, 2013 Originally by kerli
susyleto Oct 12, 2013

Rihanna Has A Grill Shaped Like A Gun And It Makes Me Sad

Reblogged from Amy Scarlata It feels like the world is changing around me and I'm still all "oooh circle skirts and cardigans" while people like Rihanna…
susyleto Aug 09, 2013 Originally by amypiehoneybunch

Keep In Touch: Sign All Time Low's Yearbook!

Reblogged from We've Got You Covered Hey guyyyys! This month on Buzznet the theme is "Makin' Memories". What better way to document your sweet mems than…
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Backstage Pass: All Time Low 2008 vs. 2013 Interview Part 1& 2

Reblogged from Sara Scoggs   // We know you all love and adore the interviews with All Time Low from back in 2008, so we had Alex…
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susyleto Mar 28, 2013

Youtube Evolution Of: All Time Low

Reblogged from Brittany Lee I can't believe a week has already FLOWN by since I did the Kellin Quinn evolution but... Here it is folks, my 3rd Youtube Evolution…
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DIY: Feather Nails

Reblogged from Nefertara ( I saw these feather nails on-line and thought that they are an adorable look for Spring. They remind me of decorating Easter eggs. Here's…
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Happy Birthday, Christian Bale!

Reblogged from Haleigh Rice Happy birthday to the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale! I'm shocked at the fact that he's 39 because he doesn't look a…
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susyleto Nov 20, 2012
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i love Jared leto,Brian Molko!!!!!!

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***Pendulum***, 30 SECOND TO MARS, 30 Seconds to Mars, 30 Seconds to Mars Fans, 30 Seconds to Mars Full Album, AKON, Alex Gaskarth, Alexander William Gaskarth, All Time Low, All Time Low - Dont Panic, Avril Lavigne, Brian Molko Lovers, Echelon America Latina ↑ ₪ ø lll ·o., Fiction In Motion, Fragancia Fame Lady Gaga., From Yesterday, Green Day, IAMX, IAMX worldwide, JARED LETO FOREVER, Jack Barakat, Jack Bassam Barakat, Jalex pics page, Jared Leto, Jared Leto (, Jared Leto fan, Jeffree Star, Keane, Lady GaGa is my virtud, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga (Oficial), Lady Gaga Algeria, Lady Gaga Global, Linkin Park, Live Life As a Celebrity, Ma Ma Ma Marry The Night, Message Through Motion, Mundial Musical, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Paramore, Pete Wentz, Placebo, Placebo - One of a kind, Provehito In Altum ↑ ₪ ø lll ·o., Snow Patrol, Snow Patrol (, Steve Hewitt, Te Amo Molko, The Killers, The Sleeper Pick, The Smiths, This Wild Life, Universal Music Rock, placebo, ¤ۣۜ๘•», «•¤ۣۜ๘₪ ø lll ·o, Ĵąŕêd Leţō ₪ ø lll ·o, •*Secret Garden *•, ‼ Beautiful

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Michael Jacksons This Is It, Scary Movie 4

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